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Performance Restored with Precision Sharpening.

We sharpen tools to make your work more enjoyable, efficient, and safe.

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Our Precision Blade Restoration gives your tools their finest edge. As a professional or enthusiast, you'll enjoy effortless, quick, and precise cuts, whether you are in the kitchen, crafts room, or garden.


For cooking, working, and playing.

Experience the ease of preparing meals with sharp knives.


For cooking, crafting, and sewing.

Enjoy making smooth, clean cuts in fabric, paper, and more.

Garden Tools

For planting, pruning, and harvesting.

Restore your tools to easily tackle seasonal care of your plants.

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We are a mobile operation, serving the Portland Oregon area, at farmers markets, and commercial and residential locations.

Farmers Markets

Discontinued in 2020




Discontinued in 2021



Discontinued in 2021




Cascadia Blade Works, a family-run business in Portland, Oregon, is committed to the restoration of dull tools for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Experts in precision blade restoration.

Don Fitchett has a background in industrial technology, experience with machine tooling, and trained with a master sharpener.
“I enjoy interacting with people and I’m passionate about the art of restoring blades. I’m excited to share my expertise with you.”

Suzanne Pratt has a scientific background, experience with many types of blades, and trained with a master sharpener.
“I know the frustration of working with dull tools and enjoy helping people to solve problems. Sharpening is a perfect melding of my interests.”


Fine sharpening that helps you get the job done.

We use state of the art equipment to consistently produce sharp edges. With the Tormek T8 system, we create uniform, precise, sharp blades that are a pleasure to work with. We use jigs to mount blades at specific angles. The slowly revolving, water-cooled stone wheel removes minimal material and avoids overheating the blade.

Whether you are slicing tomatoes, removing an overgrown hedge, or cutting fabric, having a sharp tool can make the process joyful instead of frustrating and time consuming.


We’d love to help you by restoring your blades.

Simply put, we are tool enthusiasts. In our home, we enjoy cooking, gardening, and sewing.

We have experienced the joy of a sharp blade and the frustration of a dull one. Precision sharpening takes more than hand-eye coordination. It requires a solid understanding of metallurgy, mental focus, and creativity.

We love that our Precision Blade Restoration lets us connect with and serve people like you in our community. We look forward to helping you by sharpening your tools, so you can find renewed enjoyment in your work and hobbies.



We can help by restoring performance of the blades that you use. If you have further questions about our Precision Blade Restoration, please get in touch using the contact form below.


Serving the Portland Metro Area